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...allow me to bitch.

Wow, I'm so fucking tired of lame shit that's pointless and does nothing but waste my time and the time of others. I hate being interoggated((I think I speeled that wrong, but OH-FUCKING-WELL)) for no apparent reason like I'm some kind of criminal, when in reality I'm probably one of the better fucks out there ((despite the fact that I've been arrested, but that's stupid shit and everyone makes mistakes.)) I'm sick of lame ass friends who are complete pussies and in a Webster's dictionary definition sense don't even deserve to withold the title "friend". I hate assholes who label themselves "punk" or "emo" or "goth" just so they can fit in with the mainstream...whatever happened to being just you, if you feel that you're life is so little and meaningless that you need to run with the herd like some emotionally abused zebra that has white stripes instead of black when all the other little zebras claim to have black stripes...then go play with something sharp and hope it falls into your heart....and just dfha08eshf89dsahf98shdfoisfahdsf... BLAH. Okay, sorry about that.
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