lisahooray (lisahooray) wrote in anarchybitch,

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la la la

la la la its me lisahooray
i smell like my cat today
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I remember once with my ex-girlfriend, she got all slut-ed up so we could go out to a party (you know, a clothed orgy, that thrusts to the bump of the bass). When we finally left we were both wet with ours and others sweat, but we were totally horned up. So we went back to my place and did not make love, or have sex, we totally F-ed on the floor right inside the door.

Soon there after we found our ways to bed...

The next day I looked at myself in the mirror and I had glitter all over my body... One of my ex's favorite things to wear out. Everyone would stare at her shiny breasts... Anyway, is this kind of glitter slut you are? If so, I wouldn't mind talking to you some more.

I glitter is cool but Im afraid I can't hook up with you unless you post a non-anonymous comment. I never hide my identity and if you wanna get down with me then you need to let me know who u r...
Killers never divulge their identities. Sorry. I'll check back once for another response, and then I'm gone.
ultimately, ALL killers divulge their identities so they can get caught, which is what they really want...

Suspended comment



April 3 2005, 20:48:32 UTC 13 years ago

u r a hore
you spelled whore incorrectly, if you're going to insult someone please do it properly